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General Questions

How is money for my selected cause raised through Click It for the Cure?

Last year search engines generated close to $6 billion in revenue from advertisers. We've developed a way to direct some of that money to the causes you care about most. It's easy ... every time you click on one of the partner sites you are directed to a sponsored advertisers page.  The companies pay advertising fees to have their products listed, so by using to browse on the Internet, the designated charity or cause earns money and the more you browse, the more they make. Add up the money generated from all your shopping searches and those done by the millions of other people who we hope will use Click It for the Cure, and we can make a real difference to the people and causes that need funds most.

How does it work?

·         On the Homepage, 10 individual links are listed for various products with the donations designated to go to charities that support fighting breast cancer.  Navigate the site for other partner shopping links to support heart disease research or stopping animal abuse.

·         Use the links to browse on the Internet just like you normally would — Goldkey and NameDrive, two of the leading Internet companies for sponsored web pages, power the sites, so you will find quality companies listed on the sites.  Our unique accounting system allows us to track where you intend your donation to be directed.   

·         The revenue generated from advertisers is shared with the charity or cause of your choosing, so if you intend for an organization that supports heart disease research to get the funds then you should begin your browsing from the sites listed on that page.

How much money could this generate for my charity or school?

We estimate that each time you browse on one of the partner sites approximately $0.025 for the designated cause will be generated.  If you think about how many times you browse on the Internet each year, and then add in all the browsing from the supporters of your organization, it quickly adds up! Here's an example of how much your organization can earn:

Charity or School Size

Number of Supporters

Average Searches Per Day

Estimated Revenue/Year













The possibilities are limitless. The more people use Click It for the Cure, the more money will be directed towards causes. There is no cap on how much money we will direct to charities.

Where does the money come from?

Quite simply the money comes from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search.  At Click It for the Cure, we've developed a way to track your browsing of our partner shopping sites and direct these proceeds to charities. In other words, a portion of advertiser dollars (and not your own!) earned as a result of your browsing, are now passed along to the cause you've chosen to support.

Are there any fees charged for using the site?

No, absolutely not!  

What percentage of revenue goes to the charities and schools?

Click It for the Cure has a unique social mission, that involves giving as much money back to charity as possible while remaining a self-sustaining business.  A minimum of 50 percent of revenues will be directed to the designated causes. 

What stops people from clicking just to raise money for a charity? What is meant by fraudulent searching?

We ask that you use this site honestly. As long as you use the links just as you would any other browsing sites, it's never a problem.

Fraudulent searching includes, but is not limited to, repeated manual clicks, the use of use of robots or other automated query tools, etc. 

FAQ for Nonprofits

What types of organizations are eligible to participate?

To participate in our program, your organization must be a nonprofit. This can include schools, charities, hospitals and clinics, volunteer services, political organizations, fraternal organizations, professional associations, governmental agencies, etc.  Any of these types of organizations are eligible to become a “Cause of the Month”.  If your organization is involved with supporting breast cancer, heart disease, or stopping animal abuse you can apply to be one of the designated charities.  To be considered for this designation, send an email with details of your organization to

How do we become the "Cause of the Month"?

For the "Charity of the Month" we try to select organizations doing work in fields that aren’t part of our three main causes, breast cancer, heart disease, or animal abuse.  To reserve your spot send us a message indicating your interest to

When will my organization receive a check?

For organizations that participated as a “Cause of the Month”, Click It for the Cure will send a check within 30 days after the month the organization was designated as “Cause of the Month”.  For all other participating organizations checks will be mailed once a year in December for the funds earned through the prior 12 months ending in November.  Any undesignated funds eligible for donation will be split among all participating organizations.




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